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I have tried to make the booking process as simple and painless as possible for both first time clients and existing . There are two separate booking forms on this page. First time bookings being made by new clients must use the embedded ‘Booking & Screening’ form. All other sessions should be booked using the site’s original contact form located below the embedded JotForm™ for new clients.

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First time bookings

Below is an embedded form for new clients to fill out prior to meeting in order to book a session. It is dual-purpose, functioning as an appointment booking form and a submission of screening information. Failure to provide the necessary details if/when prompted by me to ensure that I feel comfortable and safe to meet you will result in a denial of our session.

Having trouble submitting the form?

Try one of these methods :

  • Click here to go to a separate web page that is hosted by Jotform to fill it out
  • Use the pink and black “Book our date” tab at the top right corner of page
  • Click on the link below for a pop-up window of the form.
Client booking/screening form

Booking form for returning clients

Go ahead and continue on to use the contact form below us! Please complete the second form with as many RELEVANT details as possible as it speeds up the booking and confirmation time for us both.

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